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New Ulfhednar Products Comming in November 2017

Comming in November III After attending a couple of local PRS competitions, we just had to create our own series of products aimed at this highly-expanding sport. And we are the first to admit that we have received inspiration from products we see some of the best shooters using. We have of course improved them and implemented some of our own ideas, making good stuff better!

It's not long before our ULFHEDNAR PRS-series is being launched :) In this preview we want to present our ultralight pillows for use to get the best support when shooting from barriers or shooting from unfavorable shooting positions. We believe that these highly adaptable pillows, of very light weight, will be of great help to many to achieve the best possible result in competition.

Of course, we only use the best materials in

our products! The pillows are made of 1000D Cordura, reinforced with Top-Grip

rubber mat and filled with isopor pellets.

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